Duran Duran - Singles 81-85 Box  

Duran Duran - The Singles Box 1: 1981-1985



2 000,00 Kč

Singles Box Set 1981-1985
June 10th 2003

1. Planet Earth
2. Late Bar
3. Planet Earth (Night Version)
4. Careless Memories
5. Khanada
6. Fame
7. Girls On Film
8. Faster Than Light
9. Girls On Film (Night Version)
10. My Own Way (Single Version)
11. Like An Angel
12. My Own Way (Night Version)
13. Hungry Like The Wolf
14. Careless Memories (Live Version)
15. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)
16. Save A Prayer (7 Inch Edit)
17. Hold Back The Rain (Re Mix)
18. Hold Back The Rain (12 Inch Re Mix)
19. Rio (Part One)
20. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) 21. Rio (Part Two)
22. My Own Way
23. Is There Something I Should Know
24. Faith In This Colour
25. Is There Something I Should Know (Monster Mix)
26. Faith In This Colour (Alternate Slow Mix)
27. Union Of The Snake
28. Secret Oktober
29. Union Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix)
30. New Moon On Monday (Album Version)
31. Tiger Tiger
32. New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix)
33. The Reflex (7 Inch Version)
34. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Live)
35. The Reflex (Dance Mix)
36. The Wild Boys (45)
37. (Im Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (84)
38. The Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys) (Extended Mix)
39. A View To Kill
40 A View To Kill (That Fatal Kiss)

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