The Cure - Seventeen Seconds Deluxe 2CD  

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds Deluxe 2CD


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1. A Reflection
2. Play For Today
3. Secrets
4. In Your House
5. Three
6. The Final Sound
7. A Forest
8. M
9. At Night
10. Seventeen Seconds

Tato Deluxe Edition z roku 2005 obsahuje bonus disc
1. I'm A Cult Hero (Vinyl Single A Side By Cult Hero)
2. I Dig You (Vinyl Single B Side By Cult Hero)
3. Another Journey By Train(Aka 44f)(Group Home Instrumental Demo)
4. Secrets (Group Home Instrumental Demo)
5. Seventeen Seconds (Live In Amsterdam)
6. In Your House (Live In Amsterdam)
7. Seventeen Seconds (Live In Amsterdam)
8. Three (Alt. Studio Mix)
9. I Dig You (Cult Hero-Live In The Marquee Club 3/80)
10. I'm A Cult Hero (Cult Hero-Live In The Marquee Club)
11. M (Live In Arnhem )
12. The Final Sound (Live In France)
13. A Reflection (Live In France)
14. Play For Today (Live In France)
14. At Night (Live In France)
15. A Forest (Live In France)

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