Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual Special (1995-1997) (2CD)  

Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual Special (1995-1997) (2CD)


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Re-edice alba Bilingual doplněná o remixové cd.

01. Discoteca
02. Single
03. Metamorphosis
04. Electricity
05. Se a vida e (that's the way life is)
06. It always comes as a surprise
07. A red letter day
08. Up against it
09. Survivors
10. Before
11. To step aside
12. Saturday night forever

Bilingual Remixed
01. Somewhere (extended mix)
02. A red letter day (trouser enthusiasts autoerotic decapitation mix)
03. To step aside (brutal bill mix)
04. Before (classic paradise mix)
05. The boy who couldn't keep his clothes on (international club mix)
06. Se a vida é (pink noise mix)
07. Discoteca (trouser enthusiasts adventure beyond the stellar
empire mix)

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