Pet Shop Boys - Alternative (2CD)  

Pet Shop Boys - Alternative (2CD)


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01. In the night
02. A man could get arrested
03. That's my impression (disco mix)
04. Was that what it was?
05. Paninaro
06. Jack the lad
07. You know where you went wrong
08. A new life
09. I want a dog
10. Do I have to?
11. I get excited (you get excited too)
12. Don Juan
13. The sound of the atom splitting
14. One of the crowd
15. Your funny uncle

Disc 2
01. It must be obvious
02. We all feel better in the dark
03. Bet she's not your girlfriend
04. Losing my mind
05. Music for boys
06. Miserablism
07. Hey, headmaster
08. What keeps mankind alive?
09. Shameless
10. Too many people
11. Violence (Haçienda version)
12. Decadence
13. If love were all
14. Euroboy
15. Some speculation

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