OMD - English Electric CD/DVD  

OMD - English Electric CD/DVD

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690,00 Kč

Disk: 1

1. Please Remain Seated

2. Metroland

3. Night Caf?

4. The Future Will Be Silent

5. Helen of Troy

6. Our System

7. Kissing The Machine

8. Decimal

9. Stay With Me

10. Dresden

11. Atomic Ranch

12. Final Song

Disk: 2

1. Decimal (Animated video)

2. Atomic Ranch (Animated video)

3. Please Remain Seated (Animated video)

4. Studio interview

5. Dresden (track by track)

6. Final Song (track by track)

7. Kissing the Machine (track by track)

8. Metroland (track by track)

9. Our System (track by track)

10. Please Remain seated (track by track)

11. Stay with me (track by track)

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