Nitzer Ebb - Body Of Work 1984-1997 2CD  

Nitzer Ebb - Body Of Work 1984-1997 2CD


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(CDMUTEL9) Double CD album

Disc 1:
1. Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works
2. Warsaw Ghetto
3. Murderous
4. Let Your Body Learn
5. Join In The Chant
6. Control I'm Here
7. Hearts And Minds
8. Captivate
9. Shame
10. Lightning Man
11. Fun To Be Had
12. Getting Closer
13. Family Man
14. Come Alive
15. I Give To You
16. Godhead
17. Ascend
18. Kick It
19. I Thought

Disc 2:
1. Get Clean
2. Join In The Chant (Gold!)
3. Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)
4. Hearts And Minds (Mix Hypersonic)
5. Shame (Mix Two)
6. Captivate (William Orbit Mix)
7. Backlash (William Orbit Mix)
8. Fun To Be Had (Long Mix)
9. Out Of Mind (Maitresse Mix)
10. Ascend (Remix)
11. Lakeside Drive (Remix)
12. Kick It (Popular Music Mix)
13. I Thought (Final Sin)

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