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Nirvana - Sliver: The Best Of The Box - CD (Depeche Mode)

Nirvana - Sliver: The Best Of The Box - CD

1. Spank Thru [1985 Fecal Matter Demo]
2. Heartbreaker [Live]
3. Mrs. Butterworth [Rehearsal Demo]
4. Floyd the Barber [Live]
5. Clean up Before She Comes [Home Demo]
6. About a Girl [Home Demo]
7. Blandest [Studio Demo]
8. Ain't It a Shame [Studio Demo]
9. Sappy [1990 Studio Demo]
10. Opinion [Solo Acoustic Radio Appearance]
11. Lithium [Solo Acoustic Radio Appearance]
12. Sliver [Home Demo]
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit [Boom Box Version]
14. Come as You Are [Boom Box Version]
15. Old Age [Nevermind Outtake]
16. Oh, the Guilt
17. Rape Me [Home Demo]
18. Rape Me [Band Demo]
19. Heart Shaped Box [Band Demo]
20. Do Re Mi [Home Demo]
21. You Know You're Right [Home Demo]
22. All Apologies [Home Demo]

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