Mesh - Fragmente 2 (2CD)  

Mesh - Fragmente 2 (2CD)


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CD 1:
01. It Scares Me (mesh remix)
02. Trust You
03. You Didn't Want Me (mesh radio mix)
04. People Like Me (remix)
05. Not Prepared (club mix)
06. The Damage You Do (perfect porno mix)
07. The Purest People
08. Safe With Me
09. Remember Who You Were
10. In The Light Of Day
11. It Scares Me (locarno mix)

CD 2:
01. Trust you (mesh remix)
02. It Scares Me (fearful)
03. This Without You
04. Waiting For Someone
05. My Defender
06. Not Prepared (blowhole)
07. Fragile (u.s. mix)
08. Something Wrong
09. Sympathy
10. I Don't Expect To Be Right
11. Time Enough (snare )
12. Safe With Me (snare)
13. Trust You (buskers mix)

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