Laibach - Divided States of America (DVD)  

Laibach - Divided States of America (DVD)


Laibach releases the DVD Divided States of America and this release is a unique document of their 2004 tour, also named "The Divided States of America," which launched in the nation's capitol, took place during the tumultuous post-election atmosphere in the United States when the country was deeply divided by two opposite political and cultural poles.

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1. B-Machina
2. In the Army Now
3. Dogs of War
4. Alle Gegen Alle
5. Mars on the River Drina
6. God Is God
7. Tanz Mit Laibach
8. Du Bist Unser
9. Now You Will Pay
10. Hell-Symmetry
11. The Great Divide
12. Wirtschaft Ist Tot
13. Achtung
14. Das Spiel Ist Aus
15. Wat
16. Mama Leone
17. Sympathy for the Devil
18. Geburt Einer Nation
19. Opus Dei

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