About Depeche Mode Friends

Hello friends,

Depeche Mode Friends fan club was established in March 1989, year after the very first Depeche Mode concert in the Czech Republic. During its existence, the fanclub has organized numerous DM parties and issued 36 editions of 'Halo' – the one and only DM fanzine ever produced in these ends. If you are interested in becoming part of the Depeche Mode Friends community and be just a little closer to your idols, all you have to do is register in our DM E-shop.

Becoming part of Depeche Mode Friends comes with these benefits

  • Access to recordings such as: live audio/video performances, documents
  • Promotional items (calendars, stickers, photos, pens, bags etc.)
  • Receive updates on DM parties happening across Czech and Slovak republic
  • DM and FanClub styled t-shirts
  • Special prices on officially released items (LP, CD, DVD etc).

Don't forget that, Depeche Mode Friends...

  • is the only official Depeche Mode fanclub for Czech and Slovak republic.
  • has the broadest fanbase and exclusive discounts for its members
  • brings all the latest information about Depeche Mode

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