Complaint Rules

  1. 1. In case the item was damaged during transfer or is faulty, it is possible to return the item to the Contact adress via standard delivery service. Such complaint must include description of the problem, original order number and a clear statement on whether a replacement item should be sent, or whether money return is requested.
  2. 2. In all other cases, the money can be returned only if the item in question was not opened and used, and thus can be reselled.

Privacy policy

  1. 1. All the private information of our customers are processed and stored within the regulations of the appropriate Czech law standards. (Zákon č. 101/2000 Sb O ochraně osobních údajů v marketingové databázi prodávajícího při plném respektování povinností správce dle §5 zákona č. 101/2000 Sb.)

Contact information and further technical information of our online e-shop can be found in section Contact

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