Duran Duran - Sing Blue Silver (DVD)  

Duran Duran - Sing Blue Silver (DVD)


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01. Press Conference
02. Load In/Backstage
03. Is There Something I Should Know?
04. Meeting The L.A. Raiders
05. On The Road Again/Planet Earth Cont…
06. John On Touring
07. Simon And Nick On Image And Recording
08. In New York
09. Francesco Scavullo Photo Shoot
10. Back On The Road
11. Girls On Film
12. Coca Cola Press Conference
13. Visit To F.B.I.
14. Discussing Filming/The Seventh Stranger
15. In New Orleans
16. Save a Prayer
17. Oakland, California
18. Soundcheck/Backstage
19. Hungry Like The Wolf
20. Careless Memories
21. The End Of The Tour
22. Credits

Emi Distribution
Full-screen format
Run Time: 85 minutes

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