Depeche Mode - Exciter - The 12" Singles Vinyl (Box set)


Mute / Columbia / Sony Music
date of issue June 10 2022

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Depeche Mode - Exciter  - The 12" Singles Vinyl

Dream On | 12BONG30
A "Dream On" (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix) 06:08
AA "Dream On" (Dave Clarke Remix) 05:14
AA "Dream On" (Bushwacka Blunt Mix) 06:49
Dream On | L12BONG30
A "Dream On" 03:42
A "Easy Tiger" (Full Version) 04:57
A "Easy Tiger" (Bertrand Burgalat & A.S Dragon Version) 04:52
A "Dream On" (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version) 04:24
AA "Dream On" (Octagon Man Mix) 05:24
AA "Dream On" (Kid 606 Mix) 04:44
AA "Dream On" (Morel's Pink Noise Radio Edit) 03:33
I Feel Loved | 12BONG31
A "I Feel Loved" (Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Edit) 07:54
AA "I Feel Loved" (Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Dub) 11:49
I Feel Loved | L12BONG31
A "I Feel Loved" (Umek Mix) 08:11
AA "I Feel Loved" (Thomas Brinkmann Remix) 05:29
AA "I Feel Loved" (Chamber's Remix) 06:18
I Feel Loved | XL12BONG31
A "I Feel Loved" 03:41
A "Dirt" 05:00
AA "I Feel Loved" (Extended Instrumental) 08:28
AA "I Feel Loved" (Laurent F. Remix) 03:04
Freelove | 12BONG32
A "Freelove" (Console Remix) 04:46
A "Freelove" (Schlammpeitziger "Little Rocking Suction Pump Version") 06:52
A "Zenstation" (Atom's Stereonerd Remix) 05:39
AA "Freelove" (Bertrand Burgalat Version) 05:30
AA "Freelove" (DJ Muggs Remix) 04:26
Freelove | L12BONG32
A "Freelove" (Flood Mix) 04:02
A "Zenstation" 06:27
AA "Freelove" (Steve Osborne Mix) 04:09
AA "Freelove" (Johnny Dollar Remix) 04:07
AA "Freelove" (Dave Bascombe Remix) 04:07
Goodnight Lovers | 12BONG33 - RED VINYL
A "Goodnight Lovers" 03:50
A "When The Body Speaks" (Acoustic Version) 06:02
AA "The Dead Of Night" (Electronicat Remix) 07:38
AA "Goodnight Lovers" (Isan Falling Leaf Mix) 05:53

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