New Alphaville - Eternally Yours - (2CD)  

Alphaville - Eternally Yours - (2CD)

790,00 Kč

CD 1

  1. Dream Machine
  2. Summer in Berlin
  3. Big in Japan
  4. Dance with Me
  5. Summer Rain
  6. Apollo
  7. Elegy
  8. Lassie Come Home
  9. MoonGirl
  10. Welcome to the Sun

CD 2

  1. A Victory of Love
  2. Sounds like a Melody
  3. Around the Universe
  4. Eternally Yours
  5. Diamonds Are Forever
  6. Flame
  7. Forever Young
  8. Big in Japan (BassRoque Version)
  9. Sounds like a Melody (Chamber Version)
  10. Forever Young (Petite Version)
  11. Big in Japan (Single Edit)
  12. Sounds like a Melody (Single Edit)
  13. Forever Young (Single Edit)

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