U2 - Soundtrack Passengers CD  

U2 - Soundtrack Passengers CD


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datum vydání:1995
1. United Colors [From united Colours of Plutonium]
2. Slug [From Slug]
3. Your Blue Room [From Par-Delŕ Les Nuages]
4. Always Forever Now [From Always Forever Now]
5. Different Kind of Blue [From An Oridinary Day]
6. Beach Sequence [From Par-Delŕ Les Nuages]
7. Miss Sarajevo [From Miss Sarajevo]
8. Ito Okashi [From Ito Okashi]
9. One Minute Warning [From Ghost in the Shell]
10. Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long) [From Gibigiane]
11. Elvis Ate America [From Elvis Ate America]
12. Plot 180 [From Hypnotize Me (Love Me 'till Dawn)]
13. Theme from the Swan [From The Swan]
14. Theme from Let's Go Native [From let's Go Native]

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