Erasure - Wild! - Deluxe Edition (2CD)


Release Date: Friday, 29th March 2019

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450,00 Kč


Piano Song – Instrumental
Blue Savannah
How Many Times?
La Gloria
You Surround Me
Brother and Sister
2000 Miles
Crown Of Thorns
Piano Song


Sweet, Sweet Baby – The Moo Moo Mix
Drama! – Richard Norris Mix (unreleased)
Blue Savannah – Mark Saunders 12" Mix
Piano Song – Live at the London Arena (unreleased)
Runaround On The Underground – Remix
How Many Times? – Alternative Mix (unreleased)
Supernature – Daniel Miller & Phil Legg Remix
Star – Soul Mix
No GDM. – Unfinished Mix
Drama! – Act 2
Brother and Sister - Live at the London Arena (unreleased)
Dreamlike State – 7" A Cappella Mix (unreleased)
You Surround Me – Gareth Jones Mix
91 Steps – 6 Pianos Mix

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