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Martin L. Gore - MG - 2Vinyl + CD

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Martin Gore, songwriter and founding member of Depeche Mode, announces the releases of 'MG', an evocative 16-track electronic instrumental album out on 27 April 2015 on Mute.Written and produced by Martin Gore, work began on 'MG' following the final dates of Depeche Mode's 'Delta Machine' tour in March 2013 at Gore's home studio in Santa Barbara. An entire instrumental album had been in his thoughts for some time, particularly since he has been writing instrumentals for Depeche Mode since 1981.


Tracks - SIDE A

1. Pinking         

2. Swanning     

3. Exalt            

4. Elk  


Tracks - SIDE B

1. Brink            

2. Europa Hymn          

3. Creeper       

4. Spiral


Tracks - SIDE C

1. Stealth         

2. Hum             

3. Islet              

4. Crowly         


Tracks - SIDE D

1. Trysting        

2. Southerly     

3. Featherlight             

4. Blade

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