Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion - The Singles Vinyl (Box set)

depeche mode - Released 30.10. 2020

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I Feel You | 12BONG21

A "I Feel You" (Throb Mix) 06:47
A "I Feel You" (Seven Inch Mix) 04:37
B "I Feel You" (Babylon Mix) 07:53
B "One Caress" 03:30

I Feel You | L12BONG21

A "I Feel You" (Life's Too Short Mix) 08:35
A "I Feel You" (Swamp Mix) 07:28
B "I Feel You" (Afghan Surgery Mix) 04:58
B "I Feel You" (Helmet At The Helm Mix) 06:41

Walking in My Shoes | 12BONG22

A "Walking in My Shoes" (Grungy Gonads Mix) 06:24
A "Walking in My Shoes" (Seven Inch Mix) 04:59
B "My Joy" (Seven Inch Mix) 03:58
B "My Joy" (Slow Slide Mix) 05:11

Walking in My Shoes | L12BONG22

A "Walking in My Shoes" (Extended Twelve Inch Mix) 06:54
A "Walking In My Shoes" (Random Carpet Mix) 06:10
B "Walking in My Shoes" (Anandamidic Mix) 06:11
B "Walking in My Shoes" (Ambient Whale Mix) 04:54

Condemnation | 12BONG23

 "Condemnation" (Paris Mix) 03:21
A "Death's Door" (Jazz Mix) 06:38
B "Rush" (Spiritual Guidance Mix) 05:31
B "Rush" (Amylnitrate Mix)(Instrumental) 07:42
B "Rush" (Wild Planet Mix (Vocal)) 06:23

Condemnation | L12BONG23

A "Condemnation" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 04:10
A "Personal Jesus" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 06:00
B "Enjoy the Silence" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 06:46
B "Halo" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 04:54

In Your Room | 12BONG24

A "In Your Room" (Zephyr Mix) 04:52
A "In Your Room" (Apex Mix) 06:45
A "In Your Room" (The Jeep Rock Mix) 06:19
B "Higher Love" (Adrenaline Mix) 07:49
B "In Your Room" (Extended Zephyr Mix) 06:43

In Your Room | L12BONG24

A "In Your Room" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 06:52
A "Policy Of Truth" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:08
A "World In My Eyes" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 06:16
B "Fly On The Windscreen" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:20
B "Never Let Me Down Again" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:01
B "Death's Door" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 02:45


WAV | 16 bit | 44.1 kHz | Stereo | EU

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