A-HA - Live in vallhall-Homecoming (VHS)  

A-HA - Live in vallhall-Homecoming (VHS)


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  1. Minor Earth Major Sky (Live)
  2. The Sun Never Shone That Day (Live)
  3. Little Black Heart (Live)
  4. I`ve Been Losing You (Live)
  5. Manhattan Skyline (Live)
  6. Thought That It Was You (Live)
  7. I Wish I Cared (Live)
  8. Cry Wolf (Live)
  9. Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count (Live)
10. Stay On These Roads (Live)
11. Early Morning (Live)
12. You`ll Never Get Over Me (Live)
13. Velvet (Live)
14. The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Live)
15. The Living Daylights (Live)
16. Hunting High And Low (Live)
17. Summer Moved On (Live)
18. Crying In The Rain (Live)
19. Take On Me (Live)
20. Early Morning (Grimstad Version)
21. Summer Moved On (Grimstad Version)
22. Summer Moved On (Video Version)
23. Minor Earth Major Sky (Video Version)
24. Velvet (Video Version)
25. I Wish I Cared (Video Version)

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