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Depeche Mode is still an active but already a music legend who was born in 1980 in British Basildon. During their more than 35 years career span, they published 13 studio records and more than 46 singles. Dave Gahan, Martin Lee Gore, Andrew Fletcher but also Alan Wilder and Vince Clark brought a lot of inspiration and new ideas into electronic and pop musics that today's bands are still drawing on. Depeche Mode represents more than just music - it is a lifestyle! You either love them or hate them - there is nothing in between.


  • Albums (CD)

    Studio records of Depeche Mode are basic staples of everyone's music library. 14 original records and their subsequent re-editions can be found on its web site for purchase.

  • Singles (CD)

    CD singles include bonus materials which are not included in regular records. Remixes, B sides, conversations and videos are all offered here. If you are looking for more than just the "music" these additional items are available in number of different formats.

  • Albums and Singles (LP)

    Special editions of Depeche Mode records and singles are highly collectible. To own all pieces of the vast catalog of Depeche Mode's work becomes a lifetime mission for any true devoted Depeche Mode fan. Some item's availability is extremely limited and so we encourage you to reach out to us to check availability as they are sold on first comes first serves basis.

  • DVD & Blu-Ray

    Enjoy not only the music but also huge collection of video materials. Starting in 1986, Jim Anton Corbijn began the incredible journey of imprinting his vision in series of unique videos and concerts tours. DVD and Blue Rays are available. Indulge in binge marathon of watching those and sharing the experience with your friends. Choose your items and purchase them here.

  • Live CD, Remixes CD,...

    Special editions of Depeche Mode music were published after the original records were released. Special editions sets include raw recordings of singles and videos. Again, these are true collector's items which a Depeche Mode connoisseur would not want to miss.

  • Shoes
  • T-shits, dress,...

    To be immediately recognized as true Depeche Mode fan, one needs to "dress the part". Depeche Mode fashion style has always been so BLACK and it is a powerful expression on ones belonging to Depeche Mode world. Put a Depeche Mode t-shirt, sweat shirt or hat on, drink from the cup with red rose or open your doors with key Depeche Mode key chain. Show off your true Depeche Mode style in your everyday life or be the light of Depeche Mode party wearing those clothes. Check all items available for purchase and place order to reserve your items.

  • Books, prints and...

    Let's not forget about immense volumes of written materials about Depeche Mode. Read about the origins of Depeche Mode band and music, about their style and evolution of their music or each band member's personal story....that and more is available here in collections of books and publications. Discover things like the fact that "Enjoy the Silence" may not be band's biggest hit or find out how and why single "Somebody " was written. Learning more about your favorite music and the band will bring you closer to them. After they are only human, just like you.

  • Fanzine Halo

    Czech & Slovak fan club, Depeche Mode Friends, print a Halo magazine for many years. This was a trusted source of news about the band and fans. You can buy old editions of this magazine here. Go down a memory lane, pre-internet times, and explore years of events and news about how fan movement matured and evolved over the time and remind yourself what you may have been a part of.

  • DM Banners
Showing 25 - 42 of 42 items
Showing 25 - 42 of 42 items

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