Tears For Fears - Mad World: The Collection - 2CD  

Tears For Fears - Mad World: The Collection - 2CD


1. Shout                     

2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World                 

3. Sowing The Seeds Of Love                                 

4. Mad World             

5. Head Over Heels              

6. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)               

7. The Hurting            

8. Suffer The Children          

9. Mothers Talk                                 

10. Lord Of Karma    

11. Cold                     

12. New Star 

13. When In Love With A Blind Man

14. Pharaohs             

15. We Are Broken               

16. Ideas As Opiates             

17. The Big Chair                  

18. Brian Wilson Said                



1. Change                              

2. Woman In Chains             

3. Tears Roll Down

4. Advice For The Young At Heart               

5. Break It Down Again                                 

6. The Prisoner                      

7. The Body Wah      

8. The Marauders                  

9. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams

10. Empire Building   

11. The Conflict         

12. Ghost Papa         

13. The Way You Are           

14. I Believe               

15. Famous Last Words                    

16. Deja-Vu And The Sins Of Science

17. Year Of The Knife

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