Depeche Mode - Nimes - Delta Machine - Live Tour 2013 - 2CD



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790,00 Kč

Exclusive Show at small Antic Arena Open Air during the Delta Machine World Tour 2013-2014: Nimes, France, July 16th, 2013 Very Good audience recording, for fans and collectors!


1. Intro

2. Welcome To My World

3. Angel

4. Walking In My Shoes

5. Precious

6. Black Celebration

7. Policy Of Truth

8. Should Be Higher

9. Barrel Of A Gun

10. Shake The Disease

11. Judas

12. Heaven

13. Soothe My soul

14. A Pain That I'm Used To

15. A Question Of Time



1. Secret To The End

2. Enjoy The Silence

3. Personal Jesus

4. Goodbye

5. Home

6. Halo

7. Just Can't Get Enough

8. I Feel You

9. Never Let Me Down Again.



10. Slow (Helsinki 15.12.2013)

11. But Not Tonight (Helsinki 15.12.2013)

12. Somebody (Rome 20.07.2013)

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