Format 2CD  

Pet Shop Boys - Format 2CD


Legendární synthipopová skupina PET SHOP BOYS vydá v únoru album Format. Deska je složena z bonusových písniček a skladeb, které se objevily na B-stranách singlů…
Albem Format navazují na podobně koncipovaný projekt Alternative, který vyšel v roce 1995. Novinka nabídne osmatřicet skladeb z let 1996 – 2009.
Datum vydání : 06.02.2012

Více detailů


1. The truck driver and his mate
2. Hit and miss
3. In the night 1995
4. Betrayed
5. How I learned to hate rock-and-roll
6. Discoteca (New version)
7. The calm before the storm
8. Confidential (Demo for Tina Turner)
9. The boy who couldn't keep his clothes on
10. Delusions of grandeur
11. The view from your balcony
12. Disco potential
13. Silver age
14. Screaming
15. The ghost of myself
16. Casting a shadow
17. Lies
18. Sexy Northerner
1. Always
2. Nightlife
3. Searching for the face of Jesus
4. Between two islands
5. Friendly fire
6. We're the Pet Shop Boys
7. Transparent
8. I didn't get where I am today
9. The Resurrectionist
10. Girls don't cry
11. In private (7-inch mix)
12. Blue on blue
13. No time for tears (7-inch mix)
14. Bright young things
15. Party song
16. We're all criminals now
17. Gin and Jag
18. After the event
19. The former enfant terrible
20. Up and down

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