Depeche Mode - Collector's Box - 2DVD  

Depeche Mode - Collector's Box - 2DVD



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It's 35 years since Depeche Mode first formed in Basildon, Essex one of London s home counties and, unlike virtually any other band in living memory they have retained their fan base throughout and picked up plenty of new subscribers to the Mode cause along the way. And with their latest material sounding like it will be up there with their very best, this 2 DVD set celebrates the longevity and quality of the group s music and lives to date. Disc 1 contains a ninety minute film charting the full career of Depeche Mode featuring exclusive interviews, rare footage and contributions from those who have known and worked with them closely. Disc 2 contains rarely seen filmed interviews with all the guys (past and present) recorded at various phases during their time as a group, which all together makes for the finest all round document on this extraordinary collective yet to emerge.


Run Time: 206 minutes
Format: Colour, DVD-Video, NTSC
Language: English
Region: All Regions

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