Duran Duran - Arena (DVD)  

Duran Duran - Arena (DVD)


01. The Return Of Duran Duran
02. Is There Something I Should Know?
03. Hungry Like The Wolf
04. Union Of The Snake
05. Save A Prayer
06. The Wild Boys
07. Planet Earth
08. Careless Memories
09. Girls On Film
10. The Reflex
11. Rio

01. Introduction
02. Concepts And Windmills
03. Costumes, Choreography And Make-Up
04. Hanging Around With Robots
05. Milo And Stilts
06. Blowing It All Up

Arena TV Ad
Arena Trailer
Arena Video Mix
Save A Prayer (Live)
Simon Le Bon Interview

Includes The Songs: Tiger Tiger, Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, Union Of The Snake, Save A Prayer, The Wild Boys, Planet Earth, Rio, Careless Memories, Girls On Film, The Reflex, New Moon On Monday

Emi Distribution
Full-screen format
Run Time: 125 minutes
Number of discs: 2

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